What is oatmap®?

Oatmap is a web based platform to report cross functional market access information worldwide

Start easy!

1. Create account

All you need for a start is an oatmap access. Once created you can create other user accounts and invite your team to cooperate in oatmap.

2. Add users and assign apps

Create Users and assign apps. For example: Add your Payer contract managers and assign payerDB or add your market access manager and assign marketDB etc.

3. Restrict access

If you don’t want to have local users managing content of other regions, you can simply restrict access to only those countries applicable.



Market management
$ 29
  • Competitive landscape mangement including product comparison
  • Reimbursement management and time series analysis
  • Congress planning and management of participants and leads
  • Stakeholder management in governmentat affairs, industrial associations, patient advocacy groups
  • > 900 templates of companies worldwide


Payer management
$ 29
  • Payer Management including full CRM, ID management and contract management
  • Contract review and approval process for payer contracts
  • Schedule management for automatic dates (like contract end dates) and planned schedules
  • Product management for corporate products: Product information, reimbursement and pricing
  • > 1,200 Templates of payers worldwide


Evidence Generation
$ 29
  • Evidence need assessment on corporate existing claims or claims in development
  • Claim database and claim development management
  • Ressource database to manage internal and external publications
  • Management of scientific evenets and advisory boards


Project management
$ 29
  • Project management with milestone and task management
  • Risk assessment: Tracking of risks and risk mitigation
  • Regional restricted interactions with users of other functions in or outside the company
  • Ressource management - Time, People and Budget requirements

What qualifies us to offer market access tools?

With 16 years of experience in Market Access, various annoyances have always repeated themselves: many people work in many tools to achieve the same thing. Sometimes well structured, but often according to their own standards. Oatmap was born from the idea of giving structure to Market Access and providing companies with a consolidated tool to efficiently leverage the many benefits that come from well-managed Market Access activities.

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