As an innovative database solution, payerDB® notably empowers payers and life science companies. Consequently, they can manage their relationships and contracts with remarkable efficiency.

Discover the power of oxington‘s life science database solutions!

Life science companies need PayerDB® since it provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for tracking contracts, monitoring metrics, identifying trends, and making informed decisions.

PayerDB® streamlines payer management, improves efficiency, and ensures transparency. Perfect for various industries, it’s a comprehensive payer relationship tool.

Manage your
payer relationships

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and reporting

Relationship Management

Activites with payers and health insurances

If you’re looking to manage all of your contacts and activities with payers, payerDB® is the perfect solution because PayerDB® is a specialized CRM software that allows easy management and organization of all payer interactions in one place.

User friendly interface

PayerDB® makes it easy to add and track payer details and it’s tools help make decisions by tracking trends and stats.

Streamline payer management relationship

Given its capacity to streamline relationships with health insurances, we highly recommend payerDB® for life science professionals who are in search of efficient payer management. Subsequently, payerDB®, with its robust features and user-friendly design, significantly enhances payer interactions.

Contract Management

Contract Management

payerDB®‘s contract management tool is an exceptional resource for any life science company looking to optimize their contract creation process. The tool’s features not only streamline but offer a comprehensive solution enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Products and business units

One of the outstanding features of the payerDB® tool is the ability to create individual contracts for payers based on specific products and business areas. This level of customization ensures that contracts meet the individual needs of different stakeholders and result in tailored and effective agreements so that each user understands

Contract approval process

The tool’s approval process is important. It carefully checks contracts before they’re final. This helps reduce mistakes and improves contract quality.

Reimbursement and pricing

PayerDB® lets you add reimbursement and price info to contracts. This helps understand each deal’s financial effect and improve future planning but with less workload. It aids in finding ways to save costs and boost overall money performance.

Optimizing contract management

In short, payerDB® is a helpful tool for improving contract execution, and it allows you to create custom contracts, review them carefully, and understand their financial implications. This can simplify your work, promote teamwork, and lead to smarter decisions that increase success and profits.

Activity Tracker

Optimizing contract management

PayerDB®’s activity tracker helps stay updated on contract talks and other key issues. It shows live updates and lets you sort and analyze activities. This helps understand interactions with payers, find patterns, and increase transparency and responsibility in managing contracts.

Communication and collaboration

The activity tracker simplifies communication and teamwork by keeping all info in one place. It helps make better decisions and provides insights for strategic choices. Analyzing activities further helps find ways to improve and strengthens partnerships through effective negotiation strategies.

Real time updates to your organization

PayerDB®’s activity tracker boosts contract management by providing live updates, sorting activities, and allowing deep analysis. This helps organizations make informed decisions, work better with payers, and improve transparency and teamwork. It showcases payerDB®’s dedication to innovative and useful solutions.

Dashboards and Reporting


PayerDB®’s exceptional dashboard provides critical contract management insights. It’s visually appealing, well-organized, and includes a powerful reporting feature. Users can generate customizable, detailed reports on contracts, finances, and payer pricing, aiding informed decision-making.

Data-driven decisions

PayerDB®’s reports give valuable insights and support data-driven decisions. They help find trends, issues, and improvement areas. Accurate, fresh reports help organizations plan better contracts, work more efficiently, and boost their finances.

Transparency and accountability

PayerDB®’s reports promote transparency and teamwork, importantly by sharing insights with stakeholders. Consequently, this fosters collaboration among various departments to achieve common goals. Providing a user-friendly dashboard along with compelling reports, it greatly facilitates informed decision-making. Hence, it is setting a new benchmark in contract management.

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