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Subscribe an app

As an administrator of oatmap, you can set up access to an app for a user at any time. To do this, you can select the user via the configuration

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Product Management

payerDB allows you to create product groups for all your medical products and to enter all data such as internal article number, catalog id’s (pharmacy listings), descriptions, packaging size, supply

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Schedule Management

Any app in oatmap® comes with a built-in schedule tool that does not only allow for tracking all dates related to contracts with payers, reimbursement expiration and review deadlines but

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Contract Management

When we talk about contract management software, we mean one thing above all: An automated software for managing the contract lifecycle. Good contract management software offers a significant advantage in

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User Management

User management in oatmap is based on two segments Employee data: Employee data captures personal information about the employee that is required for processing in some apps. Employees can play

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Contact Management

Contact management is one of the key features in oatmap®. It is available in all app parts where you have to manage the contact details of people you are in

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Billing service providers

Billing service providers are often involved in billing processes between providers and payers. In payerDB you can easily manage these billing service providers and document the communication with the billing

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