Subscribe an app

As an administrator of oatmap, you can set up access to an app for a user at any time. To do this, you can select the user via the configuration and create access via “App subscriptions“. How to add app subscriptions In your App subscriptions section, you’ll see available apps, apps that you’ve already requested […]

Medical contacts

Medical contacts are people who involve you in planning, publicizing, or cooperating in the development of medical products. Medical contacts Can be physicians, but also medical professionals. With this group of persons you can, for example, form working groups (advisory boards) or cooperate concretely, for which a contractual framework forms the basis. To conclude contracts […]

Event & Congress management

You can add speakers to your symposium by creating new medical contacts or adding existing medical contacts to the symposium. The number of symposia is stored with the medical contacts, so you get a ranking of which medical contacts have supported which products and topics in the past. Medical contacts The management of medical contacts […]

Billing service providers

Billing service providers are often involved in billing processes between providers and payers. In payerDB you can easily manage these billing service providers and document the communication with the billing service providers. By adding billing service providers to cost units, you gain insight into which billing service providers are working with and can store identification […]

Payer account management in oatmap

Creating a new payer in oatmap is easy. You can select a payer from predefined templates or create one from scratch. Creating a payer from templates In oatmap we provide you with over 1,000 payer templpates, which we update regularly. The charming thing is that if you load a payer from templates into your portfolio, […]

Creating a competitor landscape

In Oatmap you can easily create a competitive landscape. Select from global medical companies that compete with you. Create products from these competitors and compare the products with your own. You can manage prices, product characteristics and market entry data and thus draw conclusions about future product generations. How does the competitive landscape work in […]

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