User management in oatmap is based on two segments

Employee data:
Employee data captures personal information about the employee that is required for processing in some apps. Employees can play a role in a task, although you don’t have a. Have user access to oatmap (e.g. for audits). Collecting employee data is a prerequisite for creating a user account.

User account:
The user account allows employees to access oatmap. Only when you give a staff member a user account can you also assign apps to that staff member.

User accounts can be restricted regionally. This feature facilitates control when accessing sensitive data. Employees have access to all country data until they reduce access to individual countries.

All personal data is processed in accordance with the GDPR. Productive data of employees who have left the company and whose account is deleted is continued with “unknown” after deletion of the personal data to ensure seamless continuation of work on projects.

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