payerDB allows you to create product groups for all your medical products and to enter all data such as internal article number, catalog id’s (pharmacy listings), descriptions, packaging size, supply timeframes and other related products. 

The management of products works on four simple layers, provided by a easy to use wizard:

While you have always a global product, local versions can be created and the respective prices can be defined. Price and contract changes can be tracked and kept up to date. You can also create different prices to be set for different distribution channels.

product management and pricing are linked very close together. Whenever you add a new product or a new payer contract, this will change the value of average selling prices or other price measures. you can find more about pricing here

It appears, that products are not yet or no longer distributed. This may happen if a product is phased out or for other reasons not distirbuted in on or many markets. If this appears you can simply take out the product of any analysis.

payerDB enables you to manage all products and product groups clearly by assigning them to the relevant contracts and the associated prices. Monitoring the product lifecycles in your contracts becomes easy.

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