When we talk about contract management software, we mean one thing above all:

An automated software for managing the contract lifecycle.

Good contract management software offers a significant advantage in helping contract teams design, maintain and close contracts. In our view, the most important task of such a tool is to obtain the consent of all functions affected by the contract.

Replace manual sorting of contracts and modernise your workflow. oatmap enables the documentation of contracts for your products from the first contract negotiation to the conclusion as well as the tracking and design of regional product prices.

Cross-sectoral product groups of different sectors can be represented. In this way, you can represent your products in the hospital, in the practice or in the medical aids sector.

Contracts from associations can serve as a basis for health insurance funds. Once concluded, the contract conditions can be copied for other health insurance funds.

oatmap automatically reminds you of expiring contracts and approaching notice periods. This way you can react in time and avoid unnecessary costs. All dialogues with the health insurance company can be documented quickly and efficiently. This way, negotiation processes can be communicated transparently within the company.

The sophisticated search function lets you quickly find contact persons, contracts, product groups and much more.

Our statistics and analyses help you to communicate the status of your efforts within your organisation.

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