Contact management is one of the key features in oatmap®. It is available in all app parts where you have to manage the contact details of people you are in touch with. These could be medical professionals, health insurance companies, partner companies, patient advocacy organizations, government agencies, or other companies or individuals.

An Example: 

Contact management with Health insurances in payerDB

For each of your payers you can add several contact persons with their respective areas of responsibility and individual contact information. PayerDB provides an extensive list of templates for headquarters and locations of some of the largest health insurance companies in the world and allows you to add more locations.

You can add contacts specifically to sites and add additional information like department and responsibilities. This provides you with a great transparancy about who is in charge to manage what. The list of contacts can be extracted in any format you like: CSV, PDF, Excel or HTML.

payerDB allows you to unite all your payer contacts and their current availability and contact information in a single App with further upsides like scheduling and dialog tracking options.

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