In Oatmap you can easily create a competitive landscape. Select from global medical companies that compete with you. Create products from these competitors and compare the products with your own.

You can manage prices, product characteristics and market entry data and thus draw conclusions about future product generations.

How does the competitive landscape work in oatmap?

In oatmap you follow a simple principle: First you create a data entry for your competitor. Then you can add products to this competitor and save further related data.

For example, you can store contact persons for competitors in order to make interactions with competitors auditable.

For example, you can store contact persons of competitors to make interactions with competitors auditable or store the remuneration in e.g. flat rates or diagnosis-related reimbursement regulated markets with price transparency.

You can share your results with your colleagues in the company at any time and automatically send changes to a specific group of recipients.

Data changes are recorded in such a way that you can monitor and control changes in reimbursement from previous years, among other things.

How do I create a competitive landscape in oatmap?

  1. If you have already subscribed to the marketDB app, start the app and click on “Competitors”.
  2. Click on “Add” and follow the steps until you are redirected to the competitor’s page.
  3. In the “products” region, click “Add” and follow the steps to add a product.

Want to be inspired?

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