Creating a new payer in oatmap is easy. You can select a payer from predefined templates or create one from scratch.

Creating a payer from templates

In oatmap we provide you with over 1,000 payer templpates, which we update regularly. The charming thing is that if you load a payer from templates into your portfolio, you will be offered updates of this payer as soon as we change data in the template. You can choose whether you want to accept the change or stay with your current data set.

Payers - Health insurances, Authorities, SHI, Private health

We have stored location information for all payers and insurance companies. This allows you to directly see contact details of the head offices you want to negotiate with.

The ability to create payers can be restricted by an administrator to certain countries. If you feel that you are missing the information of different countries, please contact your in-house oatmap administrator.

Want to be inspired?

We would like to show you what is possible with oatmap. For this we need half an hour of your time. In return, we hope to inspire you enough to see what market access can be today.