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For demanding projects in the construction of data for the development and management of your life science projects and products.

Life science management 

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oatmap® is pricing payer competitor evidence claim project product management

Connecting dots

Contracts with payers – Creating evidence – Calculating prices – Manage projects – Product launches – Claim Management

An interdisciplinary approach is the basis of oatmap®.

Information is managed across functions to achieve the best results in research & development, market introduction and reimbursement of medical devices.

oatmap® gives you clear structures in your market access processes.

We call it oatmap®. You call it the single source of truth. A tool with tremendous reach to manage cross-functional enterprise events.

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Who takes advantage of oatmap?

oatmap®. was developed for a variety of business cases. If you are launching or monitoring medical devices, oatmap® is the right tool for you. Also, if you feel that more transparency is needed in important projects, oatmap® can help you merge progress across different teams.